One of the few traditional bars located on the Clinton Street section. Can't go wrong coming here with a group of friends as the drinks are pretty strong. Definitely could be a local water hole for the people of LES. — Christian

Donnybrook is one of those bars that warms the stomach and brings a smile to your face. Great local spot, I love stopping in for a pint. The bartenders are some of the greatest people I've met in New York, I can't wait to go back. — Jian Kan


Our Promise

We’re not big on trends,“likes” and “followers”, but what we do love is excellent service, good times, and happy customers. You will get served. It won’t take long. The bartender will be nice. Is that so much to ask for these days?

We also love constructive feedback.

If you think there’s something we can do better, let us know. And if we’re doing something right, your positive review will be greatly appreciated!

Cheese & Charcuterie Platter
Fromaggio Kitchen

We offer snacks from local vendors such as Sigmunds and Formaggio Kitchen, however outside catering is welcome.

Donnybrook is the perfect spot to

Come together with friends.

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